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Distinguish the physique and drink the right tea


        "Materia Medica Yiyan" records: Shennong tastes herbs and encounters 72 poisons every day, which can be solved with tea. "The "tea" here is our current "tea". Tea is a family of Chinese medicine, so it is necessary to use tea as a good medicine for health care and supplement nutrition. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, everyone’s physique is different. The taste of tea is also different. If you can choose the right tea according to your physical characteristics, you can get twice the result with half the effort. In this issue, "Xing Ming Times" specially invited Lv Peiwan, deputy director of Henan Provincial Western Medicine Health Care Amateur Committee, and Director of Tea Research Institute of Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Province Wang Yuefei, vice chairman of the Tea Society, introduced everyone how to distinguish their physique and drink good tea.

  Different teas differ in their nature and flavor characteristics due to differences in processing techniques, types, regions, and seasons. Green tea is a non-fermented tea, rich in chlorophyll and vitamin C, and has a cool and slightly cold nature; white tea is a slightly fermented tea. The temperature and cooling are steep, nothing more than, "the old green tea is grass, and the old white tea is the treasure", the white tea has the function of removing evil and strengthening the body; yellow tea is partly fermented tea, cold in nature; oolong tea is semi-fermented tea, It is neutral in nature, neither cold nor hot. Black tea is a fully fermented tea with warm nature; dark tea is a post-fermented tea with soft nature, mellow and sweet taste, and not strong irritation. According to the physique and common problem performance in "Classification and Judgment of the Physique of Chinese Medicine Students", the types of tea products recommended for drinking also have their own focuses.

  Quiet physique.

  Qi deficiency physique. People with qi deficiency are prone to listlessness, less mental laziness, or dizziness, and a little yellowish complexion. This kind of person is suitable for drinking Pu'er cooked tea, oolong tea, with beans, corn, peas and other snacks.

  Yang deficiency physique. It is characterized by insufficient yang energy, fear of cold, and fear of cold food. You can choose black tea, black tea, and re-fermented oolong tea (rock tea) for tea. For people with severe yang deficiency, you can add a few slices of dried ginger to the tea. Green tea, yellow tea, and Kuding tea are not recommended.

  The physique of patients with Yin deficiency. This type of student population is characterized by internal heat, fever in the hands and feet, dry mouth and throat, dry eyes, and dry stools. You can drink more green tea, yellow tea, white tea, kuding tea, and light fermentation to produce oolong tea. In addition, you can mix with wolfberry, yam, dendrobium, and Ophiopogon japonicus with soaking drinks. Drink black tea, dark tea, heavy fermentation and oolong tea carefully.

  Blood stasis physique. People with this constitution have many faces and dark sides, tongue or dark side, ecchymosis on the tip of the tongue, often tingling sensation on the body, scaly changes in the skin, such as pale tongue, afraid of cold, can drink black tea, such as red tongue, hot body, you can Drink green tea.

  Phlegm-damp physique. These people are mostly obese, with a soft abdomen, sweating easily, oily face, phlegm in the throat, and thick tongue coating. They can drink orange tea and dried ginger black tea.

  Dampness and heat and physical fitness. Such people often experience damp and heat, the face and nose are always shiny and shiny, they are prone to acne, the skin is prone to itching, and they often feel bad breath. It is advisable to drink more green tea, yellow tea, white tea, and kuding tea, and drink black tea, dark tea carefully, and produce oolong tea through heavy fermentation.

  Qi stagnation physique. Thin body, sentimental, sentimental, fragile, often feel swelling and pain in the chest and ribs. Try to drink less caffeine, drink more tea, suitable for drinking hawthorn tea, rose tea, chrysanthemum tea, bergamot tea, tangerine peel tea.

  Special constitution. This is a special state of physique caused by genetic factors and congenital factors, usually manifested as drugs, pollen, seasonal and other allergies. Strong tea is not suitable for this group of people.

  Lu Peiwan hinted that the "Huangdi Nei Jing" said, "Yin and Yang are even, and life is the life." A healthy physique emphasizes "yin and yang balance." Therefore, in general, we can choose according to the temperature and cooling of tea: cold constitution, such as people who often experience chills, suitable for drinking warm tea; physique of positive patients, such as people who are prone to hot and cold, Suitable for drinking herbal tea; normal physical fitness, yin and yang reach a balance, drink tea according to the season, no matter what kind of student physique is adopted, the most important thing is to maintain a good attitude and peace, and live according to the simple development law of the country’s natural environment, otherwise Too much is too late.